CSR Commitments

Corporate Social Reponsability


Our commitment to respecting the human being and to developing an ethically responsible spirit, as well as our permanent willingness to enhance the value of our resources and talents, are a major strategic axis of Emalec’s CSR policy. The preservation of the environment and the contribution to the advancement of a sustainable and solidary society are key commitments of each and every one of the company’s employees. Some of EMALEC’s CSR commitments include :

Respect the human being and foster an ethical spirit

  • Ethical and sustainable growth (respect for Human Rights, Ethics Charter, and annual CSR assessment)
  • Involvement for a responsible and innovating service:
    • Fight against corruption
    • Guarantee client listening, expertise and pursue innovation by providing each client with a unique and differentiating service
    • To evaluate our performance through transparency and to ensure that we communicate regularly in accordance with our commitments
    • To comply with technical regulations

To value our assets and to nurture our talents

  • To promote diversity and equal opportunities
  • To train and nurture our talents
  • To protect the health and safety of our employees
  • To develop the cohesion and well-being at work
  • To ensure that the skills level and technical needs are met through continuous training and relevant recruitment

To contribute to the growth of a solidary and sustainable society

  • To act for the solidarity
  • To participate in the economic and cultural development

To participate in the conservation of our environment

  • Responsible purchasing policy
  • Eco attitude of our employees and partners
  • Creation of revalorisation channels

Download the CSR report 2020 (pdf)

Exemples of CSR actions

Global Compact Membership

EMALEC has been a member of the Global Compact France since 2011 and is committed to communicating its progress on an annual basis.

EMALEC marks and reinforces its commitment to the protection of the environment, respect for the human rights and labour standards, and in the fight against corruption.

Human Rights

  • 1. Businesses are encouraged to promote and respect the protection for international Human Rights Law
  • 2. To make sure not to be complicit in Human Rights violations Labour laws

Labour laws

  • 3. Companies are urged to respect the freedom of association and to acknowledge the right to collective negotiation.
  • 4. The elimination of all forms of coercive or compulsory labour
  • 5. The effective abolition of work by children
  • 6. The elimination of any discrimination in respect of work and occupation


  • 7. Companies are urged to use the precautionary principle when dealing with environmental issues.
  • 8. To take initiatives to foster a greater responsibility for the environment
  • 9. And to promote the development and diffusion of environment-friendly technologies

Anti-corruption measures

  • 10. Companies are called upon to work against corruption in all forms, including extortion and bribery.