Global expertise : from research to Delegated Management


  • Survey and assessment of your needs, technical and organizational recommandations…up to delegated Management, EMALEC customizes its resources to your specific needs.
  • The assessment of your needs is important in order to adapt the resources deployed in accordance with your requirements as accurately as possible, and not to create unnecessary expenditures for our clients.
  • Our organization is flexible, if your requirements change, if you want to be organized differently, EMALEC immediately adapts.

Multi-site maintenance

EMALEC is a leader in multi-site maintenance.

EMALEC’s management quality invites our clients to trust us with a comprehensive service, be it preventive or curative maintenance, we are at work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Preventive maintenance: some technical equipment require preventive maintenance in order to ensure reliable operation and comply with regulations. The continuity of the client business is therefore ensured.
  • Curative maintenance: In the case of a breakdown, a disaster or a non-conformity, it is necessary to act. All the study and implementation phases are managed in Mozaris+, and are visible on the web portal (intervention request, work order, intervention CR, quotation, order, etc.) for an optimal management.
  • Regulatory maintenance: A number of technical lots need regulatory controls performed by accredited organizations. Emalec is in a position to both manage these inspection offices and to support these organizations during their inspection visits. The management of the withdrawal of reserves is fully handled by EMALEC, from the costing and implementation of the non-conformity to the online publication of the certification. Documents are being managed, dematerialized and made available on our Mozaris+ web portal. Emalec manages some ten thousand withdrawals of reserves per year.

EMALEC benefits from a powerful organization, the management of complex subjects is our everyday life. Our unique Call Center and our dedicated interactive web portal guarantee us a 100% paperless management and the technical and economical optimization of all our interventions.

Development works

Within the framework of our willingness to support our clients in the implementation of their projects and in line with their needs and expectations, EMALEC has a Development Division able to deal with the following works:

  • Disabled standards compliance
  • Expansion
  • Refurbishment
  • Embellishment

This development division has all the in-house skills in both the design and the dimensioning as well as in the work follow-up. Actually, this department combines skills and knowledge such as:

  • Studies associate
  • Account Manager
  • Works Manager
  • Economist quantity surveyor


Implementation of a concept, implementation of your network, implementation of technical and organizational processes, EMALEC supports you in all kinds of implementations, be it in the creation or modification of sites.

Regardless of your issue: from logistical organization, budget management, to the management of your implementation and meeting deadlines, EMALEC will provide you with a comprehensive solution.