Examples of CSR actions

Axis 1 : Respecting the human being and developing an ethical spirit

Label Emalec Partner

Emalec is in charge of carrying out maintenance and works throughout Europe. The different cultures of the countries in Europe, the different regulations, the different languages, require that maintenance and works be carried out by local professionals. It is with this aim of ensuring a consistent professional quality throughout Europe that Emalec has built its network of partners and created the Emalec Partner label at the beginning of 2016. In each country, our purchasing manager has qualified one or more partners for each technical lot (Air Conditioning, Electricity, Plumbing, Locksmith, Secondary works,…), depending on the size of the country and the capacities of each partner. Emalec manages the activity and animates the network. Each of the Emalec Partner Label partners undertakes to respect the same QSE and CSR principles as Emalec.

Evaluation ecovadis

ECOVADIS-2019In a constant effort to improve its CSR policy, Emalec has achieved a score of 75/100 on the EcoVadis evaluation platform (compared to 70/100 in 2018), thus maintaining its “GOLD” certification. This level of certification is awarded to only 5% of the companies assessed. As a reminder, EcoVadis is a collaborative platform that allows companies to assess the quality of their CSR management system by replying to a questionnaire and by providing specific documents, elements that justify the CSR actions implemented all year round. Emalec has been evaluated by EcoVadis since 2015. It should be noted that this organisation notes the Emalec group’s CSR actions in France only. However, the evolution of the rating earned by Emalec and the level of certification obtained demonstrates a real commitment to CSR.

Axis 2 : Valuing our resources and nurturing our talents

Valorization of our resources: diversity requirement, commitment to disability

Diversity: 16 nationalities represented, hiring of seniors on the rise….


Commitment to disability: awareness, hiring, job retention, collaboration with service providers promoting the employment of people with disabilities

Nuturing our talents : ongoing training and internal evolution

Overall investment in internal and external training: € 800K

Internal training center in order to meet our customers’ requirements and skills needs, EMALEC has created a technical training center. More than 500m2 dedicated to providing a wide range of training to its technicians and new recruits around intrusion detection, air conditioning, lighting, metal curtains, etc….

Social dialogue & well-being at work

Example 1: Reading area: Creation of a reading area for employees, with self-management of book loans by staff.


Example 2: Provision of water dispensers: Installation of water dispensers. This project is the result of the internal suggestion box made available to the staff.


Example 3: Emalec provides its employees with: Internal Rules, Welcome Booklet, Small Monthly Bulletin, Idea Box…

Axis 3 : Contribution to the conservation of our environment

Eco-attitude objective

Example 1: Replacement of the commercial vehicle fleet + eco-driving awareness.


Availability of electric bicycles (seat)

Example 2: Emalec provides electric bicycles for voluntary employees who wish to replace the commuting to and from work with a polluting vehicle with this “soft mode”.


Example 3: Environmental management system (optimized intervention rounds; professional waste disposal map (field technicians); fire extinguishing activity: process of denaturing the equipment installed).

Waste: Creation of revaluation channels

Example 1: EMALEC, new partner of the association Coeur2Bouchons (France). Since several months, a voluntary supply terminal has been located at the Emalec Group’s headquarters in order to collect/revalorize all types of plastic caps. Because we share common values with the association Coeur2Bouchons, Emalec has joined the association’s network of partners and the first collection is promising: 10.8 kg!


Example 2: The EMALEC Group invests in the revaluation of its waste. Below, the results of the “harvest” of used plastic cups for our headquarters (Saint Genis les Ollières) in 2019.










Axis 4 : Contribution to developing a socially responsible and sustainable society

Citizen commitment

Example 1: Human Afrique: Financial participation in the actions of the Human Afrique association whose main objective is the construction of classrooms in Senegal, in the Siné Saloum region.


Example 2: Celebrating family: Financial support for the Trisomy 21 association during awareness days


Example 3: Decitres Fund: reading box, support for the implementation of this book exchange system (disadvantaged neighborhoods, social ties).

Local development

Example 1: Challenge Kévin: Provision of equipment for the Kevin Challenge, which is an annual family football tournament in the town of St Genis les Ollières.


Example 2: Festival Changez d’Air financial participation in the musical festival held in Craponne.