Emalec is also your partner in fire extinguishing maintenance. Through this activity, Emalec is committed to ASSURING YOUR SAFETY.


ENSURE YOUR SAFETY by keeping your facilities and equipment in compliance.

  • Our technicians carry out a technical study and propose a regulatory implementation of fire equipment.
  • Our technicians are qualified and have the approvals & authorizations to carry out the interventions*.
  • Our technicians systematically carry out an inventory of your fire equipment.

* In France, Emalec has the “Installation and maintenance of fire extinguishers” certification (certificate N° 606/13/04-285) and draws up N4 declarations of conformity and issues a Q4 periodic verification report.


ENSURE YOUR SAFETY by offering you the study and realization of:

  • Egress plans,
  • Intervention plans,
  • Various signages.


ENSURE YOUR SAFETY also means knowing how to use and handle a fire extinguisher. Thus, Emalec continuously trains its intervening staff and customers.

Aim of the training:

  • The purpose is to develop the analytical and reactivity capacity of the staff, in order to be able to extinguish different fire classes using the appropriate fire extinguishers according to the various situations
  • Training is provided by our instructors & facilitators:
    • Training in the use of fire-extinguishing equipment*
    • Training in evacuation procedures.
  • These trainings are customizable; they are carried out with a real situation scenario.
  • These trainings are essential to maintain the risk sensitivity of your staff.

* Training in the use of fire extinguishers is an obligation for companies.