Multi-site maintenance Expert

Tertiary multi-technical maintenance and ERP

Private, cultural or sports facilities, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, exhibition halls… the proper maintenance and operation of your facilities are essential to guarantee your activity and to ensure the comfort of your employees, users and clients.

Emalec works for more than 200 clients in this tertiary sector.

Multi-technical maintenance - Retail trade

Our multi-technical skills and multi-site management are major assets for working in commercial areas (city centers, large shopping centers) and facilities open to the public (ERP). It is with a great professionalism that Emalec, specialist in multi-site maintenance, is involved in the installation and maintenance of various installations (HVAC, fire safety, for example).

Emalec thus allows its clients to:

  • Maintain the performance of their equipment while ensuring the security of property and people on the premises
  • Maintain their ongoing activity and control the impact of the intervention on their turnover.

Multi-technical maintenance - Stationed

After the acquisition of ASERTEC in 2017, Emalec has been able to broaden its service range to medium as well as large surface areas in order to offer a multi-technical solution with stationed technicians at its clients’ sites. Through its Paris-based subsidiary EMALEC IDF, Emalec, is now able to meet the needs of multi-technical and multi-site maintenance on large complexes by assigning its staff directly to the client’s site.

Its site managers and multi-technical technicians work on site based on the client’s tools and reporting, but also using our monitoring and supervision tools (MOZARIS+) to insure the traceability of interventions and real-time reporting to our client asset managers or the general services manager.

Our know-how in itinerant and stationed work, as well as our interactions with other SAMSIC Group activities, enable us today to propose a blended offer in adequacy with our client’s needs.

In fact, the client’s expectations, the scope of the installations, the regulations do not necessarily justify the multiplication of stationed technicians.

On the other hand, the technical particularities sometimes require the intervention of experts.

EMALEC is organized to optimize the resources proposed to the client and thus adapt the human resources according to the client’s needs.

A technician can be assigned to several sites, or to several clients.

A specialized technician can only intervene for the time required to carry out a preventive level 3 – 4 or a troubleshooting.

A generalist technician or a handyman can perform a certain number of preventive maintenance operations that do not require specific qualifications (relamping, filter cleaning, etc.).

The needs assessment is important in order to fine-tune the resources as accurately as possible, and not to spend money unnecessarily.

Multi-technical maintenance - Banking & Insurance

Be it branch networks or headquarters, EMALEC provides its expertise to many banks, insurance companies and mutuals. Emalec helps you to ensure that your employees and visitors enjoy attractive and secure facilities.

Our expertise in the mastering of procedures such as the vetting process guarantees our clients a high level of confidentiality and high quality services in the everyday execution of maintenance works.

Emalec is organized to provide you with a global, mastered and tailor-made service that exceeds standard services. Some of our solutions: mail, rentals, reports, meeting rooms, reception, security, cleanliness, cleaning services, troubleshooting…

Multi-technical maintenance - Industry

To address the problems of its industrial clients, EMALEC has implemented a dedicated response.

To achieve this, the decision was taken to strengthen this know-how by acquiring, in December 2018, the MPM Company, specialized in the maintenance of Machine Tools and Industrial Capital Goods. This external growth consolidates EMALEC’s position in a market where the skills in Electronics, Regulation, Instrumentation, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electro-mechanics, etc. require experts in each field :

  • Machine Retooling
  • Production Line Transfer
  • Maintenance and trouble-shooting.

After all, the maintenance of industrial equipments requires specialized operators. Our technicians are trained in the various industrial processes. Training is on an ongoing basis and is planned according to the needs of our clients.

The EMALEC goal: the continuity of operations. EMALEC thus incorporates the constraints inherent to the industrial field:

  • Performing or managing interventions involving clearances
  • Use of equipment requiring clearances
  • Respect for privacy
  • Work in shifted schedules
  • Production shutdowns management

Our MOZARIS+ management tool is a real asset for optimizing and planning the tasks: audit, inventories, maintenance plan, planning, reports, etc. Emalec works with many manufacturers whatever their production site in Europe.

Multi-technical maintenance - Administration and local communities

EMALEC works with many administrations and local communities: agency networks, administrative centres, local communities, hospitals, schools, town halls, etc. Emalec fulfils the specific needs and standards of each of these public institutions.

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