Emalec, your European partner, multi-site and multi-technical maintenance

Responsiveness of intervention – Expert technicians network


EMALEC (SAMSIC GROUP) is specialized in multi-site and multi-technical maintenance, whether it is preventive, curative or project execution. Our concept is unique.

With 20 years of experience in multi-technical maintenance, EMALEC has acquired real expertise and know-how, positioning the company as one of the “multisites” leaders in France.

This expert position, based on a differentiating offer and its own process, drives the company to accelerate its development both towards new geographical territories in Europe, but also around new skills such as posted work and areas of activity other than retail.

The integration of EMALEC into the SAMSIC Group in July 2017 reflects this desire for expansion. This industrial partnership allows SAMSIC Group (€2.7 billion in revenue – 93,000 employees) to complete its service offer to organizations in the field of technical maintenance expertise.

EMALEC thus becomes within the SAMSIC Group, the entity that carries the multi-technical offer and referent for all projects.

EMALEC takes care of your sites with the same thoroughness and professionalism. Everywhere in Europe, our network of technicians works 7 days a week to make your professional spaces functional and secure, whatever your field of activity.

With our technicians, managers to the core along with a team of 350 employees, we continue to innovate and integrate new techniques.

One of EMALEC’s strengths is centralization: everything is centralized except our network of integrated technicians who are located near the intervention sites. Everywhere in Europe, the proximity of our teams ensures the responsiveness of our interventions. The selection for hiring our own technicians as well as our partners, ongoing training and support, justify the high level of skills of our technicians and partners. Our employees are experts in air conditioning, electricity, fire extinguishing, safety, second work and many other fields.

In constant monitoring of regulations, EMALEC, leader in multi-site and multi-technical maintenance, offers a reliable and efficient global approach.
Certified ISO 9001 and 14001, EMALEC has the skills, qualifications and logistics resources to meet all your needs in Europe.

EMALEC ensures an Expert operating mode and an optimal level of satisfaction. Thanks to a powerful organization, the management of complicated subjects becomes our daily business. The quality of EMALEC management invites our clients to entrust us with a global service.

The Emalec management center, located in Lyon, centralizes all data. Thanks to the Mozaris + offer, nearly 6 customers connect every minute to the web space reserved for them in our proprietary ERP in 9 languages, in order to follow their files.

In 2019, Emalec carries out approximately 250,000 annual interventions on nearly 20,000 sites (representing some 230 customer networks), and continues its European development.

The International Market

Internationally, Emalec has several subsidiaries but also many partner companies (medium-sized structures for greater flexibility of intervention). Selected for their core business, the partner companies are tested and once associated with Emalec processes and tools… allow EMALEC to best meet its customers’ needs, regardless of their culture and regulations. International project managers spend a large part of their time in European countries to meet customers, sites and partners. This support is essential so that the management of the activity is dictated by the concrete realities on the ground.

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