Qualifications et certifications


EMALEC holds the APSAD – NF SERVICE certificates for installation and maintenance of fire extinguishers in accordance with the I4 – NF285 – July 2017 edition standard. EMALEC also holds a certificate of expertise to carry out the control of electrical installations by infra-red thermography.


Air conditionning clearance

EMALEC has a category 1 certification (delivered by Bureau Véritas) for the leak detection, maintenance, service, start-up and fluid recovery of all refrigerating, air conditioning and heating pump equipment.


ISO Certifications: Emalec is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

ISO 9001

Our integrated management system complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 standards for quality management.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 certifies that EMALEC is engaged for the protection of the environment through:

  • Promoting environmental initiatives and dematerialization of documents,
  • Use of eco-labelled products,
  • Improving waste management, etc.



The oil industry has created the HSECG association whose objective is to achieve “zero accident”. The association has implemented the H.S.E.C.G. accreditation (Health, Safety and Environment Commitment Guide) to certify interventions in the oil industry.

EMALEC is GEHSE certified, which means that our company has set up a Health and Safety Management System for its employees, more particularly in order to intervene on sensitive sites like fuel distribution stations.

To ensure the sustainability of our safety management culture, EMALEC is implementing a transition process to the Manual for the Improvement of Corporate Safety (MIBS)


Maintenance disconnectors

EMALEC has the skills and authorizations to ensure the maintenance of the backflow protection systems. Our technicians are trained in accordance with the French regulatory requirements. We can perform preventive and corrective maintenance work on backflow preventer assemblies of type BA, which hold the right to use the NF Antipollution mark.


Gas professional

EMALEC is a registered “GAS PROFESSIONAL” and is certified for the installation and maintenance of your gas heating.

GP: Gas Professional acknowledges companies engaged in a recognized quality approach; companies declared, insured and recognized for the quality of the work they perform.

To achieve this label, the followings are verified:

  • The respect of the regulatory requirements, both at the technical and administrative level;
  • Training of the workers
  • The insurance policies subscribed by the company;
  • The performance of services through inspections on your installations.


Qualibat & RGE label

QUALIBAT, an association under the law of 1901, has the mission of promoting the reliability in the building industry. The qualifications and certifications delivered by QUALIBAT are to be based on full transparency of the administrative, judicial, financial and technical information that the professionals provide at the time of their application and during the yearly inspections.

These are some of our qualifications that are recognized and certified by QUALIBAT:

  • Air conditioning
  • Ventilation
  • Heating
  • Sanitary plumbing



Emalec has successfully passed several qualifications via QUALIFELEC, the French organisation for the qualification of electrical engineering firms in the field of energy and digital performance.

Some of these validated qualifications include:

  • Low voltage
  • Installation and maintenance of electrical installations
  • Electrical installation for housing/commerce/small scale service sector



Qualisport, a specialized qualifier ” Sports/Leisure/Culture “, approved by the Ministry of Sports, contributes to the acknowledgement of the ” business-professional ability ” to master and perform a service in a particular area of activity, allocates sports, leisure and culture based qualifications in compliance with the established prerequisites and identifies the necessities and the evolutions in the specialized qualifications.

Emalec has been awarded the Qualisport qualification for the maintenance of the play areas, a certificate that covers quality, reliability and safety requirements and recognizes our specific technical skills in the field of recreational and sports maintenance.