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A new development project for Magestime!

Work for the fitting out of an office and sanitary facilities in extension on a wooden mezzanine for our general contractor.

The fitting out of an office and sanitary facilities on a wooden mezzanine has recently been completed by our general contractor Magestime.

This project required close collaboration with the client to ensure that all requirements were met.

The design of the plan

The first step was to assess the space requirements and determine the best configuration for the new layout. The client’s need was to extend the mezzanine to create an office and washroom for the technicians on site. The project consisted in extending the mezzanine to offer more space and to optimize it. Magestime worked with its client to design a layout. Their goal was to maximize the use of the available space while respecting the current construction standards. An on-site audit was necessary to conduct a feasibility study.

The first stage of the development

Once the plan was in place, our subsidiary began the construction work. A new wooden mezzanine was installed to house the new office and washrooms. During the construction of the sanitary facilities, the competent technicians worked together with Magestime. They ensured that all installations complied with the current safety and health standards. The sanitary facilities are modern, functional and easy to maintain. Magestime designed the new office to maximize efficiency and comfort. Convenient storage elements, quality lighting and an ergonomic workspace were included.
Plan du projet du prolongement de la mezzanine

Mezzanine Extension Project Plan

First, insulation was improved to reduce noise and maintain warmth. The floors were upgraded with clear PVC flooring. Partitions were installed to separate the different spaces.

As for the walls, white paint was applied in order to make the rooms brighter. Then, a shower room with a shower tray, a tiled wall, a basin and a toilet were installed.

The electricity of the mezzanine was revised and a new electrical panel was designed to make the installation safe and independent. Concerning the plumbing, Magestime studied the pipe passages in order to obtain a regulatory slope for the good drainage of waste water. In addition, cores had to be drilled in the floor in order to connect to a sewerage system.

The electric radiators were replaced by more modern and more economical radiators and air conditioning was installed in the office.

Finally, a skylight was created to add light.

Travaux électricité mezzanine
pendant travaux
travaux de plomberie de la mezzanine

All the trades involved (plumber, electrician, carpenter, painter) participated in this total renovation project in Chateauneuf-de-Galaure.

The entire project was completed on time and with a high level of satisfaction from our client.

We are proud of Magestime’s work and know that they are committed to providing superior construction services to all their clients.

In summary, we can say that Magestime has demonstrated its ability to successfully complete complex workspace projects. Quality and safety were respected thanks to the proper execution of the work. Design studies were carried out in advance.

In conclusion, our subsidiary is ready to take on new challenges and help its clients achieve their construction objectives!

View of the project after completion

Bureau après aménagement
Couloir après aménagement
Lavabo après aménagement
Vasque de douche après aménagement
Velux après aménagement
Salle d'eau après aménagement