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Magestime: create, design, renovate and shape your spaces

Created in 2012, Magestime is a general contractor in the Lyon region. The subsidiary also operates throughout France thanks to the group’s national presence, both in renovation and in space planning and centralised deployment. With our expertise in construction and the group’s experience in the field of maintenance, we can help you to develop your projects, from design to delivery, while ensuring the sustainability and guaranteeing your installations from a technical and financial point of view.
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An integrated design office
Expertise in all technical areas of the building
A single point of contact
Site management throughout France
A logistics platform
Anticipating the maintenance of a site from the design stage

The stages of your project

As a General Contractor, we offer our clients a turnkey, tailor-made service. We manage and take charge of all the work during all the stages of your project:
Preliminary studies (AVP) The management of your project starts with a feasibility study and an understanding of your wishes, needs and expectations. We also carry out a general design of the project by deciding on the main dimensions of the work and its general appearance and we offer you several design proposals.
Administrative procedures (DP, DAT) / project studies (PRO, STD) During this second stage, we take care of the applications for authorisation in the town hall as well as the establishment of the technical plans of the building, the elevations and the façades. In addition, we carry out a detailed study of the execution and draw up a provisional schedule. In addition, we can call on the services of technical design offices for the structural work, carpentry, etc.
Assistance for the award of works contracts (ACT) / Execution studies (EXE) After validation of the design, we validate the work estimate and the execution schedule. Thereafter, we procure the necessary materials for the execution of the works.
Management of the execution of works (DET) and the scheduling, coordination and management of the site (OPC) Once the service has been organised and contracted, we prepare the implementation of the site by directing the site meetings and controlling the progress. At this stage, we organise the site on a daily basis with regard to the parties involved, distribute the plans to them and draw up a detailed, evolving schedule.
Assistance with acceptance operations (AOR)/invoicing and monitoring of the guarantee of perfect completion (GPA) Finally, we plan the acceptance, draw up the minutes, the list of reservations and their follow-up. Invoicing is carried out according to the progress of the project and the status of the work. Magestime guarantees perfect completion for a period of 1 year.

Our achievements


95m² - 1 month


45m² - 1 month


60m² - 1 month


140m² - 2 month


120m² - 2 month


90m² - 1 month


160m² - 1 month


12m² - 1 week


70m² - 1,5 month

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