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Creation of Emalec
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Emalec, specialist in multitechnical maintenance

Created in 1999, Samsic Emalec is a specialist in multi-technical maintenance of professional premises.

Based in Saint Genis les Ollières in the Lyon region, the subsidiary currently employs nearly 140 people in the support and operational services (Helpdesk/call management centre, planning department, invoicing department, etc.).

In the field, mobile and shift technicians, foremen and regional technical operations managers complete the workforce.

Samsic Emalec directly employs the technicians, so they are perfectly familiar with the company’s processes, which guarantees a homogeneity of the services on the field.

The majority of our technicians are mobile, this mobility allows us to gain in reactivity and to intervene faster on our customers’ sites.

On other sites with a larger surface area, the technicians are stationed. They are on site and manage preventive and corrective maintenance services throughout the day.

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The strenght of Emalec, a centralised organisation

The centralised organisation set up by Samsic Emalec ensures a homogeneity of services on the field, in France or abroad (in 15 countries). This centralised organisation results in the coordination of operations from a single place, at the company’s headquarters. The call centre with the account managers as well as the operational teams (assistant account managers, account managers, planning department and invoicing department) are grouped together to facilitate communication and to guarantee the same level of service at all times, regardless of the location, in France or abroad.

The call management centre is multilingual (6 languages), so we can respond to the requests of the largest international clients.

In order to intervene as close as possible to the sites abroad, we have a network of partner technicians (Emalec Partner), which guarantees a high level of responsiveness in terms of speed of intervention.

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Our services

Whether it is preventive, corrective or regulatory, multi-technical building maintenance is an essential element in the smooth running of your premises.

Preventive maintenance makes it possible to reduce the possibility of an asset’s failure and to maintain the performance of materials or equipment over time at an optimal level close to that of the initial performance.

Central element of preventive maintenance, a maintenance plan will be proposed to you and will be adapted annually in order to better meet the reality of your sites.

Samsic Emalec will then provide you with an annual preventive maintenance schedule that will allow you to have, at any time, an exhaustive vision of the interventions planned for the coming year.

As for the corrective maintenance, its objective is to restore materials or equipment’s following a failure or a degradation.

In this case, Samsic Emalec puts all its human and material means at your disposal to intervene as soon as possible.

Our Helpdesk, accessible 24/7, is able to take care of all your intervention requests

Samsic Emalec can also accompany, for you, control offices and third parties in the framework of their missions.

Samsic Emalec manages all the technical batches of the building, from electrical engineering to the maintenance of your fire extinguishers.

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Secondary works

Our references

Emalec Luxembourg has solid references, such as the maintenance of the European headquarters of the world’s leading e-commerce company.

On this contract, a team of more than 15 technicians is on duty to meet the customer’s needs 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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