Samsic Emalec, your partner in maintenance and works

Created in 1999, the Samsic Emalec group is specialized in multi-technical maintenance, industrial maintenance and all types of works on professional premises.

Samsic Emalec proposes a global offer ranging from electrical engineering to climatic engineering, including plumbing, locksmithing, security or fire extinguishing. We can operate in all trades.

The centralized organization that characterizes Samsic Emalec allows us to maintain a homogeneity of the services provided. A single contact, the project manager, manages the contract and centralizes the client’s requests.

Samsic Emalec’s own technicians work 7 days a week to make your professional spaces functional and welcoming.

Technicians and managers at heart, and with a staff of 400, the vast majority of whom work close to our clients’ sites, we keep on innovating and integrating new techniques.

Constantly monitoring regulations, Emalec offers a reliable and efficient global approach. Samsic Emalec has the skills, qualifications and logistical resources to meet all your needs in Europe.

We have been ISO 9001 certified since 2008 and ISO 14001 certified since 2013 .

Samsic Emalec Management Committee
The management committee of the Samsic Emalec group

The multitechnical department of the Samsic group

In 2017, Emalec became part of the Samsic group to become the multi technical department of the group.
The Emalec group is now made up of 9 subsidiaries in France and in Europe

  • Emalec
  • Emalec IDF
  • Emalec Bretagne
  • SCS
  • MPM Emalec
  • Magestime
  • Emalec Iberica
  • Emalec Belgium
  • Emalec Luxembourg

With more than 250,000 interventions per year on 25,000 sites, Samsic Emalec's 400 employees currently generate a turnover of 60 million euros.