Emalec, your European partner, multi-technical maintenance

Responsiveness of intervention – Expert technicians network

Founded in 1999, Emalec is specialized in multi-technical maintenance, whether it be preventive, curative or project execution. For more than 20 years, EMALEC takes care of your sites with the same thoroughness and professionalism.

Emalec offers a global service. From finishing work to HVAC engineering, plumbing, electricity, ventilation or fire extinguishing, Emalec can work on all types of trades. Emalec’s salaried technicians work 7 days a week to make your professional spaces functional and welcoming.

Technicians and managers to the core and with the strength of our 400 employees (the vast majority of whom work close to our customers’ sites) we continue to innovate and integrate new techniques.

In constant monitoring of regulations, EMALEC offers a reliable and efficient global approach.

EMALEC has the skills, qualifications and logistics resources to meet all your needs in Europe.

With more than 250,000 interventions per year, Emalec ensures an Expert operating mode and an optimal level of satisfaction. Thanks to the Mozaris+ offer, nearly 6 customers connect every minute to the web space reserved for them in our proprietary ERP (in 6 languages).

Emalec in numbers