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Our values

4 principles that guide our daily actions Emalec is proud to share its values with all its employees and customers.

These principles, carefully considered, are the foundation of our company and guide our actions on a daily basis.


Cultivating our know-how and talents to build our success in the long term

This value describes the DNA of our company, based on our rigour, professionalism and expertise, while ensuring that we
to support our employees in our quest for lasting success.


Accompanying to progress together

This principle emphasises the notions of cohesion and transmission between employees. The company is nothing without its employees and it is thanks to the involvement of all that we will be able to improve and evolve.


Making boldness our ambition

What would Emalec be without its audacity? Since its creation creation, Emalec has never stopped innovating and challenging itself. This desire to surpass ourselves must guide us in our daily actions.


Acting every day for tomorrow

We must each at our level be active in the preservation of our environment.
the future of our planet belongs to us.