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Samsic strengthens its offer by acquiring the company Studeffi

Samsic Group has just finalised the acquisition of Studeffi, a company specialised in energy efficiency. Through this operation, Samsic completes its range of services, gives itself the means to accompany its customers in their current challenges and positions itself, even more, as an integrated player in Facility Management.


Energy management has become a major issue for Samsic’s customers, confronted with the rise in energy prices and with regulations in favour of the fight against global warming that are more and more present.

On 14 March, Samsic acquired the company Studeffi, Samsic continues its growth policy in the management of working environments. This acquisition allows Samsic to bring a complementary service to its customers while reinforcing its multi-technical and Facility Management offer.

With Studeffi, Samsic is now differentiating itself on its market by providing solutions for reducing energy consumption and optimising energy costs to its tertiary, residential, industrial and local authority customers.

Finally, the acquisition of Studeffi allows Samsic to to strengthen its rise in the digital sector. while keeping its historical human values. Indeed, Studeffi’s business model, which, by providing its engineers with a high-performance web platform, reconciles man and machine.

Studeffi thus becomes part of the Facility division of the Samsic Group, a player in integrated services for companies

“This merger is part of Samsic Facility’s strategy to provide its customers with all the integrated services they need. Studeffi has added to our offer, to help them optimise their energy transition and achieve their sustainable development objectives. The challenge for companies is twofold: environmental, in order to comply with regulations, and financial, in the face of historically high energy prices.says Patrice Novo, Director of Services and Expertise of the Samsic Group.

The Studeffi method: real-time platform and human service

For over ten years, Studeffi optimises the costs of its clients’ energy bills. The company carries out energy audits and provides energy advice aimed at optimising the bill by reducing energy consumption, but also by optimising the purchase of energy at the best price. Studeffi has developed its own platform, Studeo, linked to a human advisory service, to visualise the actual consumption of each client.

“We are not an energy broker, but we help companies to better consume and negotiate their energy. At Studeffi, it’s the people who provide the advice based on the data. Our model is efficient and we wanted to move on to benefit as many clients as possible as quickly as possible. By joining Samsic, we will be able to rely on a strong network and portfolio. This should enable us to achieve 30% growth in our business by 2022”, explains Damien Vittaz, the company’s CEO.explains Damien Vittaz, Managing Director of Studeffi.

Convinced of the potential resulting from the merger with Samsic, the three historical shareholders of Studeffi, Nicolas Tachot, Damien Vittaz and Vincent Robert, have decided to continue the adventure by retaining a part of the capital. With their experience and their entrepreneurial spirit, they will remain at the helm of Studeffi, which they will continue to manage.they will accompany the company towards national and international development.