Emalec HR policy ; CSR commitment and CSR policy

Enhancing our assets and nurturing our talents


“Enhancing our assets and nurturing our talents”, one of the 4 strategic axes of Emalec’s CSR policy. Since Emalec places the Human Being at the heart of its expansion, our Human Resources policy is based on several founding principles.

salariés-emalecEmalec is committed to respecting legal obligations in terms of labour laws, guarantees a constructive social dialogue and is dedicated to respecting the freedom of association. The Group hires its future employees on the basis of their potential, personality and motivation, thus rejecting any form of discrimination. And finally, Emalec gives priority to the development of skills through continuing professional training and tutored apprenticeship in its trades.

The Human Being at the very heart of Emalec’s performance

Since it is important to put people at the heart of the company’s performance, Emalec is striving to meet certain requirements, in particular in terms of diversity (social, age, parity, etc.) and commitment to people who are disabled.


Emalec continues its very open recruiting policy, which is characterized by a rich diversity in human terms: nationalities, languages, gender parity, hiring of senior staff. The company is expanding internationally and needs to naturally incorporate local differences in every country. Thus, more than 16 nationalities are represented amongst our employees.

Disability, a long-term commitment

Emalec is committed on a daily basis to helping people with disabilities. This commitment is translated into concrete actions within Emalec’s services and at our clients’ sites. The main axes of this commitment are:

  • To increase the volume of direct hiring of employees with disability issues,
  • To promote the retention in employment of employees facing a disability,
  • To raise the awareness of the whole Emalec staff in an effort to change their perception of disability,
  • To adapt our work tools to be more accessible to disabled employees,
  • To intensify our partnerships with ESAT (Etablissement et Service d’Aide par le Travail) and EA (Adapted Enterprise) and to support our clients in their partnerships with ESAT and EA.

Nurturing our collaborators’ talents

One of Emalec’s goals is to attract new talents but most importantly to retain their loyalty. How? Thanks to the interest and the diversity of the professions proposed within the Group, the opportunities for internal growth and a solid policy of ongoing training allowing each individual to position him or herself and to find new in-house opportunities.

Ongoing training, the detection of potential and career development are organized in accordance with the motivations, skills of the employees and the company’s needs. The employees’ training needs and/or wishes are assessed every year during the one-on-one interview.

Furthermore, 800K € are invested in both in-house and off-site training, and a dedicated training centre of over 500m2 has been opened at the Group’s Lyon headquarters to provide various training courses under the best conditions for all our employees (technicians, sales reps, administrative staff, etc.).

All these points are intended to promote within Emalec and at each level of the hierarchy: self-sufficiency, accountability and a sense of client commitment.

Dialogue at the heart of our discussions

Social dialogue and legal obligations

Emalec complies with the obligations of the Labour Code and regularly provides the mandatory documents to the authorities proving compliance with the Labour Code. The internal regulations are posted on a notice board visible to all, employees and stakeholders, on which the company’s labour legislation policy is stipulated.

Quarterly meetings with the works council, employee representatives and the CHSCT are held and the minutes of these meetings are then transmitted to all the company’s employees. A Small Monthly Bulletin (Internal Journal) is distributed to employees. This latter keeps them informed about the company’s operations and news.

Well-being at work place

Internally, Emalec strives to improve “well-being” at work with various actions as for example: the creation of a suggestion box that allows all employees to propose both internal and external improvements, the creation of a reading area for collaborators….