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Ludivine BUFFARD, Director of Human Resources, talks about our HR policy

On 15 March 2023, Ludivine Buffard had the opportunity to talk about the company’s HR policy in an interview with BFM Lyon. In particular, she talked about the recruitment difficulties that companies are experiencing, and the company’s decision to recruit without a CV.

Recruiting without a CV?

Faced with a shortage of candidates, Samsic Emalec has decided to focus on the personality, interpersonal skills and motivation of candidates rather than on their CVs. This approach allows the company to focus on the future of candidates and what they can build with the company, rather than focusing on their past.

What is the Charter of 1000 and the FairE project?

This decision is part of a wider plan to attract, recruit and retain employees. This plan has been strengthened by the signing of the 1,000-strong charter and the FairE project. The Charter of 1000 is a commitment by companies to recruit in an inclusive way, by working on an innovative training programme, by opening their doors to 3rd year internships, etc.

The FairE project, for its part, has enabled 400 people who are no longer in employment to find work thanks to a 12-week training course and a personalised coaching programme.

Confidence and motivation, the key to professional success

In this interview, Ludivine Buffard also highlights the importance of confidence and motivation in professional success. She explains that candidates should not be ashamed of having a period of interruption in their professional activity, as Samsic Emalec does not base its recruitment on this.

In conclusion, Samsic Emalec’s HR policy is based on an inclusive and innovative approach to recruitment, which focuses on the personality, interpersonal skills and motivation of candidates. This approach enables the company to retain its employees and meet its human resources needs, while giving candidates who are no longer in employment a chance to find work and rebuild their professional lives.

You can watch the full interview on our YouTube page or directly on the BFM LYON website.