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Renewal of the MASE certification: a recognition of the actions undertaken by Samsic Emalec!

In a business environment where safety is paramount, companies are constantly looking to improve their practices to ensure the protection of their employees, the environment and property. Samsic Emalec recently received the renewal of his MASE (Manual for Improving Company Security) certification. This award recognizes Samsic Emalec’s ongoing efforts in health, safety and the environment.

What is MASE certification?

MASE certification is a management system focused on the continuous improvement of health, safety and the environment in companies. It was established in France in 1996 and has gradually spread to other countries. MASE certified companies are committed to meeting high standards and putting in place effective preventive measures to prevent accidents, reduce occupational risks and minimize their impact on the environment.


SAMSIC EMALEC: an actor committed to security

Samsic Emalec has always attached particular importance to the safety of its employees and customers. Since its inception, the company has strived to establish a corporate culture focused on accident prevention and environmental protection.

The renewal of the MASE certification for Samsic Emalec was not a mere formality. The company has put in place the necessary measures to meet the certification requirements and demonstrate its commitment to the safety of its employees and stakeholders.

Application areas of MASE certification at SAMSIC EMALEC

Samsic Emalec has applied the principles of MASE certification in various areas of his activity:

  • Worker safety: Samsic Emalec has invested in training and raising awareness of good safety practices among its employees. Safe working procedures were put in place and the company engaged all employees in continuous safety improvement.
  • Risk prevention: Samsic Emalec has identified the potential risks associated with its activities and has put in place appropriate preventive measures to minimize them. Regular audits were carried out to assess the effectiveness of the measures put in place and to make the necessary adjustments.
  • Respect for the environment: Samsic Emalec is committed to reducing its environmental footprint by adopting environmentally friendly practices. This includes responsible waste management, the efficient use of natural resources and the promotion of renewable energy.

The renewal of the MASE certification shows Samsic Emalec’s commitment to the safety of its employees, customers and the environment.
Samsic Emalec has been able to meet the certification requirements and strengthen its position as a responsible company. This is a testament to Samsic Emalec’s commitment to maintaining high standards of health, safety and environment, while ensuring optimal operational performance.