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Samsic Emalec: a challenge to its employees for the fight against breast cancer

SAMSIC EMALEC is mobilising this October and is joining the fight against breast cancer.

A month of awareness-raising punctuated by various events that have a common goal: to raise awareness among the population, to collect funds to support the associations involved and to encourage women to undergo screening.

Breast cancer is the most common and deadly cancer among women in France.

1 woman in 8 is likely to be affected.

This is why SAMSIC EMALEC takes it to heart to call on its employees to mobilise.

Detected early, breast cancer is cured in 90% of cases!

The screening programme allows possible abnormalities to be detected as early as possible. It is simple and 100% reimbursed. It is therefore important to have it done every two years, from the age of 50. In addition, from the age of 25, a gynaecological check-up with palpation is recommended once a year.

The challenge :

To be part of this mobilisation, we decided to challenge our employees!

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= 10 euros

For the league against breast cancer

Join our employees in making a donation to the league against cancer.