Emalec, technical training and support center

Technical training center


To meet its clients’ requirements and skills needs, EMALEC has created a technical training center. More than 500m2 dedicated to providing a wide range of training courses on intrusion detection, air conditioning, lighting, metal curtains, etc.

An in-house and off-site training policy is implemented for the benefit of all employees.

An integration period is organized for all new recruits. Common training topics exist for both sedentary staff (more than one hundred professionals) and for operational staff: traceability of operations, quality, safety and the environment, clients and the EMALEC group’s history…

Operational staff are placed for 4 weeks in tutoring with an “old” one in the field, and are trained at the headquarters by sessions from 5 to 8 technicians by trainers who are experts in their fields on the following points:

  • Work area marking
  • Wearing of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Use of scaffolding
  • Use of PEMPs (Mobile Personnel Lifting Platforms)
  • Use of measuring instruments
  • Maintenance of gas unit heaters
  • Use of electrical measuring devices
  • Natural smoke extraction
  • Maintenance of automatic doors & metal curtains
  • Work at height and wearing the harness
  • Etc.

The recruitment of our technicians is very selective. The integration is at the heart of the recruitment process. During this stage, the technician is not only welcomed, but he follows a qualification process. Technicians are only self-sufficient once they have validated all aspects of their work (organization, presentation, procedures, safety rules, regulations, etc.). On-the-ground support is provided by regional foremen (training, assistance, supervision).

Examples of training courses