A unique and efficient organization to serve its clients

A multi-technical expertise and service unique in Europe

Emalec offers its clients a unique and efficient organizational model that enables to provide a high level of Multi-technical services in Europe. At the heart of this model lies our client satisfaction and the implementation of a relational and on-site operation management system based on expert and responsible resources.

A unique and proven organization

  • A single operational contact person
  • A centralized management of operation teams
  • Integrated and decentralized operation teams for local coverage and high responsiveness
  • A real added value in unscheduled operations: speed, efficiency, traceability

Logistics, a fundamental element of responsiveness

  • A central warehouse for the management of spare parts necessary for the operations of our technical referents (more than 4000 references, supply within 24 hours).
  • Emalec has secondary stocks within its subsidiaries, in the 300 technicians fitted vehicles , but also on some large client sites.
  • An international management center based in Lyon, France.

Mozaris+, proprietary ERP and performant client web portal

  • A unique information system built on a proprietary ERP, designed for multi-technical multi-site maintenance operations (available in 6 languages)
  • A dedicated web portal for the secure management of all types of contracts and requests: reliable programming, feedback on operations, real-time information…
  • A web portal offering a 100% paperless management, a real interaction with our clients and partners, as well as more than 300 menus!
  • A common web portal for all company departments, operational and functional – customer maintenance service, Emalec management center, technicians – for enhanced security and easy communication
  • Expert and customizable functions: immediate processing of requests, real-time monitoring, tracking and data comprehensiveness.
  • MOZARIS+ : No. 1 in maintenance and FM service management software

Permanent technical assistance

  • Service and operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Assistance in 6 languages for greater peace of mind
  • A single call center

All for total satisfaction

As technical regulations are constantly evolving, it requires increased control and sourcing in order to guarantee quality operations in accordance with regulatory changes. For this purpose Emalec offers:

  • A permanent training system for the operation teams: techniques, client relations, communication… Emalec has a 500m2 training center near Lyon (sessions for 5 to 8 technicians, training dedicated to the needs of our clients, 17 training modules, etc.)
  • A permanent certification and compliance program (more than 40 maintenance and works qualifications, and compliance with ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications)