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Considering the sanitary context linked to the COVID-19 pandemic and the exceptional measures taken by the government, Samsic Emalec is committed to, rigorously apply the recommendations of the sanitary authorities to protect the health of our customers and our staff.

Here is an overview of the actions implemented for our workers and towards our customers :

At headquarters and in our subsidiaries

  • Implementation of an activity resumption protocol
  • Display and communication of barrier measures
  • Marking on the floor to maintain distance
  • Reorganization of offices and meeting rooms to ensure distancing
  • Provision of masks, hydro-alcoholic gel and disinfectant solutions
  • Modification of the circulation in the premises
  • Procedure for welcoming people from outside the company and visitors
engagements Covid 19 Samsic Emalec
Covid 19 Samsic Emalec

For our field workers

  • Regular communication with the workers
  • Drawing up a specific recovery protocol for field staff, which is taken into account and signed
  • Provision of protective equipment and materials in line with the epidemic risk (masks, gloves, hydro alcoholic gel, disinfectant)
Covid 19 prevention Samsic Emalec

For our clients

  • Creation of an amendment to our prevention plans specific to the epidemic risk
  • Communication to our clients on the actions taken
  • Instruction to our technicians not to operate if not all the safety commitments between the customer and Samsic Emalec are respected